Today I choose…

Today I’ll choose that I’ve got nothing to loose,
I’ll wake on up and fill my own cup!
I’ll get out of bed and out my own head,
Break the fast and learn from my past.
I’ll slip on my favourite shoes and walk off the blues,
Plan brunch with my friends and make amends.
I’ll eat humble pie and give new things a try,
I won’t care if I stumble as I know I won’t crumble.
Love will be perfectly sweet for my afternoon treat,
Self care is best so then I’ll have a lil rest.
Time might be ticking but I’ll never stop kickin,
Soon it’ll be time for dinner and time I realise I’m a winner!
Once I finish my mash I’ll take out the trash,
Throw my old self away and remember this day!
With bedtime near there’s no room for fear,
Time to claim my wise and lay down my lies.
And so I’ll decide that I’ve got nothing to hide,
I’ll let go of the fight and simply have a Good Night!

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