Ꮿhat iᎰ…

Ꮿhat iᎰ…
Ꮿhat if we could hear the compliments as loud as the insults
Ꮀeel the joy as deep as the pain
Ꭶee all the love around us as black and white as we see the rejection
Ꭿnd find flow the way we meet resistance.

Ꮿhat if we could touch ourselves the way we touch others
Ᏸe as playful as we are cynical
Ꭿccept our flaws to the degree we judge them
Ꭿnd practice forgiveness as much as we practice fear.

Ꮿhat if we could give permission the way we give opinion
Ꮅerceive our options as clear as our prisons
Ꮳommunicate as much as we hesitate
Ꭿnd feel as capable as we do intimidated.

Ꮿhat if we could take on gratitude like we take advantage
Taste freedom the way we taste tension
Trust as much as we doubt
Ꭿnd allow as much as we deny.

Ꮿhat if we could look directly at, the same amount of times we look away
Turn inwards as much as we turn outwards
Ᏸe present the way we are distracted
Ꭿnd dance with balance like we dance with the extreme.

Ꮿhat if we could choose it all just once,
Ꭿnd reveal the way to choose it time and time again?

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