Ꮿhat if…

Ꮀind yourself to free yourself…

Ꮿhat if the fragments of yourself were waiting to be found and set free,
Ꭿnd by unifying your fragmented self, you found who you were meant to be

Ꮿhat if spending time with yourself was liberating
Ꭿnd sitting with your shadow was surrendering

Ꮿhat if witnessing your feelings was forgiving
Ꭿnd forgiving was in witnessing your feelings

Ꮿhat if the searching was the learning
Ꭿnd the learning was in the searching

Ꮿhat if learning every part of you was loving
Ꭿnd loving every part of you was learning

Ꮿhat if you cease the searching
Ꭿnd forgo the findings

Ꮿhat if there is no part of you that you are not willing to see,
Ꭿnd you come to realise that if you protect yourself, you will never be free

Ꮿhat if there was only one of you inside,
Ꭿnd everything inside is just something you see & not something you hide

Ꮿhat if what you see is not you- its just what you see
Ꭿnd what you see is just energy waiting to be set free.

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