Thank You Tension

Thank you tension.

Thank you for holding me together when I could have fell apart,
For giving me integrity when I wasn’t honest with myself.

Thank you for speaking to me in your subtle and strong ways,
For making me listen –even though I chose the hard way.

Thank you for being so persistent,
For not allowing me to ignore you any longer.

Thank you for always being in the background,
For your unwillingness to give up on me.

Thank you for your kindness,
For creating layers and not hitting me all at once -despite it feeling that way at times.

Thank you for letting me hate you.
Thank you for loving me.

Thank you for not rewarding my attempts to look outside of myself,
For honing me in when I looked to others to “fix” me.

Thank you for making me take action.
Take things into my own hands.

Thank you for making me stop.
And look within.

Thank you for revealing how far I’ve traveled from myself,
For highlighting how I’ve stopped caring, nurturing and attending to me.

Thank you for returning me home,
For guiding me to practise again what is sacred to me, what fuels me and brings joy.

Thank you for showing me how much I was carrying -unaware yet somehow we both knew,
For exposing how much I have to let go.

Thank you tension.
Thank you for being there all this time.

I’m sorry I ignored you,
I’m sorry I neglected you,
I’m sorry I chose not to listen.

I’m listening now,
I hear you’re messages.

Thank you for leaving me -in just the right measure.

Thank you for freeing me.

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Thank you tension.
Thank you.