Thank You Letters…

Thank You Ocean,

Thank you for letting me breathe you.
Your cleansing ocean air filling my lungs with your negative ions- accelerating my ability to absorb your oxygen, your life.

Thank you for your power.
The roar of your waves evoking the power that lies within me.

Thank you for your perspective.
Your giant salt-water body, bigger than my mind can fathom, sinking my small way of thinking.

Thank you for your mystery.
The mysterious draw of your sounds and sensations beckoning me in the strangest of ways. Reminding me that some things are not meant to be ‘under’stood for that is ‘under’ you, beneath me.

Thank you for your communication.
Your ability to communicate with my body and unlock the code to my physical, metaphysical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Thank you for your balance.
With one glance of you, you balance my energy, my serotonin levels, my mood and my life.

Thank you for your happiness.
Your reminder to me that happiness is my natural state- as it is yours.

Thank you for your presence.
A presence that cannot be described to those who havenโ€™t felt it, but a presence that exists within us all.

Thank you for your connectedness.
Reminding me that I am connect to you, to the universe, and to those around me.

Thank you for your safeguard.
Your safeguard from the overstimulation of this current world. Giving my mind, body, heart and soul a break from navigating the crowds, the machines, the unimportant.

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Thank you for your permission.
For allowing me to focus on what matters and inspiring me to do what I’m designed to do- Move. Shift. Flow.

Thank you ocean,
Thank you.